About Shanta Mia

The brand name “Shanta Mia” is derived from the merging of "Shanta", which in Arabic means ‘bag’, and "Mia", which in Spanish means ‘my’.

The combination of leather with lace, antique silver pieces, or with silk, cottons, shantung, raffia, moirés, velvets and even Murano glass or Swarovski crystals are some of the materials Shanta Mia uses for its creations

The passion for design, antiques, accessories, textiles and ethnic materials are reflected in each piece.

Each creation carries a guarantee of authenticity and a special coded card carrying its identity. Hence the ¨Shanta Mia¨ clutch becomes just that. Your own . No one else could have the exact same bag.

This authenticity is part of the style and character that will reflect on those who carry it . "Shanta Mia" truly one of a kind.